GSM Cell Phone Remote Control Applications

The GSM-AUTO’s versatility lends itself to a wide range of remote control applications including:

Remote control switching of vehicle engine pre-heaters
The GSM-AUTO can be connected to the engine pre-heater timer control or if a new installation it may be possible to connect directly to the pre-heater thereby saving the cost of a timer unit. When the GSM-AUTO is called it will switch on the engine pre-heater for a preset length of time between 1 second and 18 hours, alternatively the heater can be switched on or off by sending an sms text message.

Control of aviation engine pre-heater
Switch on your aircraft engine and cabin heaters whilst en route to the hanger using your cell phone.

Below is a video showing how the GSM-AUTO is being used to control an aircrafts engine pre-heaters, thanks to Ken Sutton for producing this video and supplying us with his project details.


Remote control switching of remote irrigation systems, water well pumps and pumping stations
Control irrigation systems, water well pumps and pumping stations, switch on for a pre-set length of time or on and off as required by sending an sms text message from anywhere in the world.

Central heating remote control
If you have a holiday home switch on the heating and hot water before you arrive, periodically switch on the central heating to prevent damp, if freezing weather conditions are forecast at your holiday home location switch on the heating to prevent water freezing and pipes bursting.

Automated gate remote control
Open automatic gates using a cell phone, control user access by programming authorized users telephone numbers into the GSM-AUTO, open the gates from anywhere in the world to allow access for deliveries.

Remote control lighting
Retro fit to existing street or security lighting enabling remote control without having to install expensive cabling.

Resetting, Rebooting and Power Cycle of remote servers, routers, computers and communications systems
Reset, reboot and power cycle a remote server, router, computer and communication control system without having to travel to the site.

Air conditioner
Switch on your air conditioner before arriving home.

Security systems
Arm and disarm security systems from anywhere in the world.

Some example wiring connections

GSM heating remote control

Power cycling using a GSM remote control switch